Historical Lists of Musicians

Who’s Played Jazz at the Bach

Updated March 2012

Below is a partial listing of principal jazz musicians who have performed at the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society since 1964, most of whom are listed in the Grove Dictionary of Jazz and the Leonard Feather Encyclopedia of Jazz or will be! Musicians we may have omitted due to incomplete records should contact us to be included in future listings. Musicians are listed by their instrument. DOWNLOAD pdf file is also available.

Selected Past Performers in a Timeline format

Updated 1998

Be sure to check out our list of Past Performers in a timeline format.

Who’s Played Classical at the Bach

Updated October, 2008

Though most people have known the Bach Society for our Jazz programs, many have yet to discover our Classical concerts over the years. We apologize if we have omitted any artists, and invite visitors to our website to contact us with additions or corrections to this list. DOWNLOAD pdf file

Musician Comments

Larry Coryell

The Douglas Beach House has a huge reputation in the music community as being one of the best places to perform. Our respect for them, the great acoustics and vibe of the concert room, and great audiences are repetitive themes in their comments: “We’re treated so good as musicians . . . nice vibe . . . It’s like being home with a bunch of friends and your audience is tremendously awesome.” The audience is an important part of the musical equation: great venue, talented musicians + appreciative audiences = an incredible musical experience. Check out some of their comments.

Selected Musician Quotes

  • . . . it was the best gig on the tour. It’s nice when we can play the more intimate venues and the crowd gets to interact with the band.” – Albert Sun, Manager, Mingus Big Band
  • “My favorite venue in the world, including Ronnie Scott’s. No better vibes anywhere. We all had a ball!” – Jackie Ryan
  • Your audience was so open—they were in my corner, up for the journey. – Nancy Zeltsman,
  • I have known about this club for as long as I’ve been playing and this is my first time here. Thank you for making it so special. – Ravi Coltrane
  • The Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society – a musician’s house. – Joyce Cooling
  • This place is a legendary club – the level that you aspire to get to. – Rachel Z
  • This space is what life is about – love, heat, passion, true oneness! It sounds like God’s bedroom stereo! – Bobbie Rae, drummer (Rachel Z Trio)
  • The audience is the best and the room has the right vibe! – Steve Smith
  • As always, a great experience for me, Pete. Thank you. – Mack McCray
  • It’s like playing in someone’s living room. Comfort on the stage is very important to me, and the Bach puts you in a comfort zone every time! – Kenny Washington
  • Hearing live music at the Douglas Beach House is like “having food” versus looking at a photo of food. – Rachael Sage
  • The Bach is all about the music: physical setup is focused to the stage, it’s intimate, the piano is awesome, the audience shares the environment. – Michael Wolff
  • That’s a ‘boss’ piano.” – Harold Mabern
  • It’s like being home with a bunch of friends – nice vibe. – Ruth Davies
  • Total musical heaven – sound and sight. Thanks. – Pete Yellin
  • After you’ve heard about this place for years, there is no way to know until you get here – so beautiful and beyond our expectations. – Brian Blade

Principal Musician Listing by Instrument

Kei Akagi, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Monty Alexander, Mose Allison, Lynne Arriale, Kenny Barron, Denny Barthiaume, Bill Bell, Warren Bernhardt, Richie Bierach, Walter Bishop, Ron Blake, Joe Bonner, Joanne Brackeen, Alan Broadbent, Charles Brown, John Burr, Jaki Byard, George Cables, Uri Caine, Judy Carmichael, Tee Carson, Federico Cervantes, Bill Charlap, Billy Childs, Jeff Chimenti, Gerald Clayton, Todd Cochran, Steve Cohn, Pat Coil, Frank Collette, Dick Conte, Mark Copland, Stanley Cowell, Marilyn Crispell, Bill Cunliffe, Jorge Dalto, Rick Della Ratta, Wendy Dewitt, Gary Dial, Dwight Dickerson, Terry Disley, George DiQuatro, Smith Dobson, Armen Donelian, Kenny Drew Jr., Larry Dunlap, Eliane Elias, Bill Evans, Victor Feldman, Russel Ferrante, Tommy Flanagan, Bob Florence, Dick Fregulia, Dave Frishberg, Larry Fuller, Hal Galper, Mike Garrison, Mike Garson, Kent Glen, Erika Gocka, Tom Grant, Eddie Green, Benny Green , Mike Greensill, Danny Grissett, Vince Guaraldi, Gus Gustafson, Don Haas, Tardo Hammer, Roland Hanna, Gene Harris, Barry Harris, Hampton Hawes, David Hazeltine, Fred Hersch, John Hicks, Dick Hindman, Earl “Fatha” Hines, Hiromi, Art Hodes, Merrill Hoover, Abdulla Ibrahim, Larry Karush, Geoffrey Keezer, Roger Kellaway, Ed Kelly , Siegfried Kessler, Frank Kimbrough, Kenny Kirkland, Steve Kuhn, Art Lande, Andy Laverne, Milcho Leviev, Mark Levine, Lou Levy, Kirk Lightsey, Mike Lipskin, Mark Little, Frank LoCrasto, Michael Longo, Murray Low, Bob Lucas, Harold Mabern, Adam Makowicz, Bevan Manson, John Marabuto, Ronnie Mathews, Jon Mayer, Bill Mays, Les McCann, Dave McKenna, Jim McNeeley, Brad Mehldau, Mulgrew Miller, Charles Moffett, Phil Markowitz, Bob Mocarsky, Buddy Montgomery, Tete Montoliu, Jason Moran, Dado Moroni, George Muribus, Susan Muscarella, Paul Nagel, Josh Nelson, Mike Nock, Walter Norris, Flip Nunez, Makoto Ozone, Eddie Palmieri, Jeb Patton, Glen Pearson, Luis Perdomo, Si Perkoff, Michel Petrucciani, Don Piestrup, Jean-Michel Pilc, Jeff Pittson, Al Plank, Paul Potyen, Don Pullen, John Rangel, Marcus Roberts, Robert Rodrigues, John Rosenberg, Michele Rosewoman, Renee Rosnes, Jimmy Rowles, Hilton Ruiz, Merl Saunders, Ted Saunders, Ricardo Scales, Rob Schneiderman, Ben Sidran, Chris Siekert, Horace Silver, Sid Simmons, Sunnyland Slim, Martial Solal, Omar Sosa, Mark Soskin, Alan Steger, Peggy Stern, Frank Strazzeri, Ralph Sutton, Esbjord Svensson, Horace Tapscott, Norma Teagarden, Mark Thompson, McCoy Tyner, Eric Vaughn, Larry Vuckovich, Mal Waldron, Cedar Walton, Michael Weiss, Kenny Werner, Randy Weston, Eddie Whettleland, Dick Whittington, Gerald Wiggins, Mary Lou Williams, James Williams, Jessica Williams, Larry Willis, Jack Wilson, Teddy Wilson, Mike Wofford, Michael Wolff, Anthony Wonsey, Martha Young, Joachim Young, Rachel Z, Denny Zeitlin, Al Zulaica

Charles Ables, Vernon Alley, Chris Amberger, Arild Andersen, Jay Anderson, Peter Barshay, John Benitez, Walter Bishop, Jr., Bob Bowman, Ronnie Boykins, Ray Brown , Cameron Brown, Baron Browne, Chris Brubeck, Monty Budwig, Michael Burr, Red Callender, Dave Cameron, Jeff Carney, Dave Carpenter, Rashaan Carter, Ron Carter, Federico Cervantes, Jeff Chambers, John Clayton, Sam Comfort, Anthony Cox, Palle Danielson, Richard David, Ruth Davies, Frank De la Rosa, Chuck Domanico, Bill Douglass, Ray Drummond, Tony Dumas, Kai Eckhart, Jeff Eyrich, Malachi Favors, Rob Fisher, Michael Formanek, David Friesen, Larry Gales, Richard Gerard, Hans Glawischnig, Eddie Gomez, Jerry Goode, Rich Goods, Bill Goodwin, Mel Graves, Larry Grenadier, Charlie Haden, Ratzo Harris, Bob Harrison , Max Hartstein, Marshall Hawkins,Roland Hayes,John Heard,Percy Heath,Mark Helias,Calvin Hill, Milt Hinton, Dave Holland , Major Holly, Luther Hughes, John Humphrey, Chuck Isreals, Kenny Jenkins, Jeff Johnson, Marc Johnson,Reggie Johnson,Paul Keller,Tom Kennedy,Pat Klobas,Boris Kozlov,Jim Lacefield,Lenny Lasher,James Leary,Jack Lesberg, James Lewis, Herbie Lewis, John Lindberg, Victor Little, Curtis Lundy, Bob Magnusson, BobMaize, CecilMcBee, ChristianMcBride, RonMcClure, MickeyMcPhillips, Roberto Miranda, Charnett Moffett, Charles Moffett, Jr., Michael Moore, John Mosher, Francois Moutin, George Mraz, Jamil Nasser, Al Obidinsky, William Parker, Frank Passantino, JohnPatitucci, LonniePlaxico, DonPrell, EricReevis, RufusReid, DeanReilly, MikeRichmond, LarryRidley, RicardoRodrigues, HowardRumsey, WyattRuther, Keith Saunders, Tony Saunders, Pat Senatore, Miriam Sullivan, Mario Serachi, Avery Sharpe, Marcus Shelby, Chuck Sher, John Shifflett, Andy Simpkins, Scott Steed, Steve Swallow, Harvie Swartz, Bill Takas, Don Thompson, Frank Tusa, Gerald Veasley,Leroy Vinnegar, Bob Wackerman, Paul Warburton,Peter Warren,Tom Warrington,Peter Washington, Harley White, Lenny White, John Wiitala, Buster Williams, David Williams, Reggie Workman, Michael Zisman

Alex Acuna, Eric Allen, Donald Bailey, Victor Bailey, Thurman Barker, Joey Baron, Benny Barth, Bobby Battle, Ron Beck,Clarence Becton,Louie Bellson,Dick Berk,Ignacio Berrio,Brad Bilhorn, Gaylord Birch, Dave Black, Cindy Blackman,Brian Blade,Jonathan Blake, Art Blakey, Bob Bray, Tom Brechtlein, Cecil Brooks, Anthony Brown, Steve Brown, DanBrubeck, CarlBurnett, FrankieCapp, WilburCarlson, TeriLynneCarrington, Jon Christensen, Mike Clark, Terry Clark, Omar Clay, Henry Cole, Jimmy Cobb, Billy Cobham, Norman Connors, Kirk Covington, Andrew Cyrille, Steve Davis, Jack De Johnette, Joe Dodge, Dottie Dodgion, Peter Donald, Tony Dumas, Steve Ellington, Peter Erskine, Mark Ferber, Sherman Ferguson, Al Foster, Eddie Gladden, Chuck Glave, Bill Goodwin, John Guerin, Terreon Gully, Jeff Hamilton, Jake Hanna, Billy Hart, Jeff Hart, Dana Hawkins, Louis Hayes, Tootie Heath, Alan Hertz, Billy Higgins, Moto Hikohino, Jeff Hirshfield, Joe Hodge, Ari Hoenig, Paul Humphrey, Ralph Humphrey, Yoron Israel, Gene Jackson, Clifford Jarvis, Gus Johnson, ClarenceJohnston,HaroldJones,Victor Jones,Vince Lateano,Bob Leatherbarrow, Victor Lewis, Joe La Barbera, Shelly Manne, John Markham,George Marsh,Eddie Marshall, Ed McClary, Roy McCurdy, Steve Michele, Butch Miles, Allison Miller, Charles Moffett, EddieMoore,MartyMorell, BobMoses, PaulMotian, DonMoye, MelMartin, Idris Muhammad, Louis Nash, Adam Nussbaum, Earl Palmer, Clarence Penn, Charlie Persip, Jim Plank, Alvin Queen,Tom Reynolds,Danny Richmond,Karriem Riggins,Ben Riley, Max Roach, Mickey Roker, Adonis Rose, Bobby Rosenstein, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Antonio Sanchez,Avery Sharpe,Matt Slocum,Jimmie Smith,Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Steve Smith, Akira Tana, Russ Tucker, Freddie Waits, Kenny Washington, Jeff Tain Watts, Dave Weckl, Dick Weller, Lenny White, Tony Williams, Al Williams, Smiley Winters, Elliot Zigmund, Jim Zimmerman

Babatunde,BigBlack, WillieBobo, FrankColon, WillieColon, ChemboCorniel,Glen Cronkhite, Kwaku Dadey, Vince Delgado, Ian Dogole, Pete Escovedo, Sheila E. Escovedo, MalachiFavors,ChuckFertal,JerryGonzales, GiovanniHildalgo, MichaelHorne,Zakir Hussain,Mongo Santa Maria,Nicky Marreno,Pedro Martinez,Helicio Milito, Otello Molineaux, Airto Moreira, Andy Narrell, Kenneth Nash, Hermeto Pascual, Tito Puente, Luis Romero, Poncho Sanchez,John Santos,Boogsie Sharpe,Carlos Patato Valdez, Benny Valardi

John Abercrombie, Howard Alden, Laurindo Almeida, George Barnes, Roni Ben-Hur,Don Burnham, Kenny Burrell, Andre Bush, Charlie Byrd, Dave Cantor,Danny Carron, Dori Caymmi, Joyce Cooling, Larry Coryell, Alex De Grassi, Mike DeMicco, Denny Diaz, Steve Draper,Ted Dunbar, Eddie Duran, Herb Ellis, James Emery, Ron Eschete, Kevin Eubanks, Tal Farlow, Bruce Forman, Bill Frisell, Frank Gambale, Mick Goodrick, Fareed Hague, Jerry Hahn, Jim Hall, Joel Harrison, Scott Henderson, Toninho Horta, Michael Howell,Duncan James,Vic Juris,Barney Kessell,Calvin Keyes, Jeff Linsky,CarlLockett, NicoleLong, MundellLowe, CarlosBarbosa-Lima, RussellMalone, Mike Marshall,Paul Mehling,Dave McNabb,Paul Nash, Mary Osborne, Joe Pass, Bucky Pizzarelli, Tony Purrone, Prasanna, Vernon Reid, Emily Remler, Tony Rice, Jeff Richman, Brandon Ross, Gray Sargent,John Scofield,Bola Sete, Jimmy Stewart, John Stowell, Strunz & Farah, Eric Swinderman, Gabor Szabo, Ralph Towner, Phil Upchurch, Vinny Valentino, Randy Vincent, Al Viola, Joe Louis Walker

George Adams, Pepper Adams, Harry Allen, Eric Alexander, Peter Apfelbaum, Gary Bartz, Bob Berg, Dave Berson, Ron Blake,Jane Ira Bloom,Hamiet Bluiett,Arthur Blythe, Anthony Braxton, Nick Brignola, Pat Britt, George Brooks, Jules Broussard, Sheldon Brown, Wilbur Brown, Jane Bunnett, Melvin Butler, Bill Byne, Hadley Caliman,Ralph Carney, Benny Carter, Howard Cespides, Pete Christlieb, Pee Wee Claybrook, Arnett Cobb, Al Cohn, Richie Cole, Steve Coleman, George Coleman, Ravi Coltrane, Paul Contos,Bob Cooper, John Coppola, Hank Crawford, Sonny Criss, Ron Cuber, Vince Denham, Jerry Dodgion, Paquito D’Rivera, Teddy Edwards, Dave Ellis, Brooker Ervin, Bill Evans, Joe Farrell, Dino Faxio, Wilton Felder, Bob Ferreira, Brandon Fields, Martin Fierro,John Firman,Med Flory,Sonny Fortune, Frank Foster, Gary Foster, Chico Freeman, Bennett Friedman,Andy Fusco, Jan Garbarek, Kenny Garrett, Stan Getz, Benny Golson, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, John Gross , John Gruntfest, Steve Hackman, Scott Hamilton, Craig Handy, John Handy, Joseph Harman, Billy Harper, Eddie Harris, Donald Harrison,Tom Hart,Jimmy Heath, Julius Hemphill,Joe Henderson, Vincent Herring, Christopher Holliday, Red Holloway, Phil Howe, Tim Jackson, Sonya Jason, Carter Jefferson, Noel Jewkes, Plas Johnson,Clifford Jordan, Kidd Jordan, Louis Jordan, Lee Konitz, Steve Lacy, Oliver Lake, Harold Land, Prince Lasha, Dave Liebman, Warne Marsh, Mel Martin, Zane Massey, Donny McCaslin, CharlesMcNabb,CharlesMcPherson, DonMenza, BobMintzer, RoscoeMitchell, Billy Mitchell, James Moody, Brew Moore, Michael Moore, Ralph Moore, Lanny Morgan, Frank Morgan,Mike Morris,David Murray, Nir Naaman, David “Fathead” Newman,Jack Nimitz, Sal Nistico, Michael O’Neill, Greg Osby, Cecil Payne,Jim Pepper,Art Pepper,Bill Perkins,Eric Person,Houston Person, Flip Phillips, Bill Pierce, Courtney Pine, Chris Bonner Pitts, Ray Pizzi, Tony Poindexter, Odean Pope, Chris Potter, John Purcell, Vi Redd, Dewey Redman, Jerome Richardson, Herman Riley, Sam Rivers, George Roberts, Paul Robertson, Antoine Roney, Steve Rosenbloom, Jim Rothermel, Charlie Rouse,Marshall Royal, Pharoah Sanders, Moacir Santos, Matt Schon, Bud Shank,Archie Shepp,Bob Sheppard, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Simmons, Zoot Sims, Jim Snidero,Rory Snyder,Ron Stallings, Herbie Steward, Grant Stewart, Sonny Stitt,Mel Stuart,John Stubbelfield, Ira Sullivan, Lew Tabackin, Henry Threadgill, Jean Toussaint, Chuck Travis, Stanley Turrentine, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Jerry Vivino, Myron Walden,Mel Waldron,Junior Walker, Vince Wallace, Tim Warfield, Bobby Watson, Ernie Watts, Harvey Wainapel, Frank Wiess, ealt Weiskopf, Norman Williams, Steve Wilson, Bert Wilson, Phil Woods, Peter Yellin, Miguel Zenon, Michael Zilber

Rex Allen, Ray Anderson, Chuck Bennett, Chris Braymen, Jerry Butzen, Jimmy Cleveland, Buster Cooper, Allen Copland, Dave Eshelman, Robin Eubanks, Carl Fontana, Bruce Fowler, Curtis Fuller, Bryan Gould, Dave Gregoric, Dick Griffin, Slide Hampton, Wayne Henderson, Conrad Herwig, Dean Hubbard, Mike Humphrey, Slyde Hyde, Joel Karp, Steve Kohlbacker, Frank Lacy, Dick Leland, Tricky Lofton, Charles Loper, Delfeayo Marsalis, Andy Martin, Grover Mitchell, Ed Neumeister, Pat O’Hara, Bob Ojeda, Max Perkoff, Kevin Porter, Benny Powell, Bobby Pratt, Julian Priester, James Pugh, Bill Reischenbach, Billy Robinson, James Romanek, Frank Rosolino, John Russell, Mal Sharpe, Phil Teele, Mick Teubrock, Lee Thornberg, Wayne Wallace, Bill Watrous, Marty Wehner, Bruce Wolfe, Britt Woodman, Don Young

Nat Adderley, Clint Baker, Gary Barone, Dave Bendigkeit, Fred Berry, Bill Berry, Rich Bice, Terrence Blanchard, Lester Bowie, Bobby Bradford, Randy Brecker, Cecil Bridgewater, Harper Brothers, Steve Campos, Conte Candoli, Pete Candoli, Baikida Carroll, Waldo Carter, Bill Catalone, Buddy Childers, Johnny Coles, Larry Cramer, Ted Curson, Bob Doll, Barbara Donald, Dave Douglas, Don Ellis, Mercer Ellington, Jon Faddis, Art Farmer, Ernie Figueroa, Larry Ford, Eddie Gale, Warren Gale, Luis Gasca, Dizzy Gillespie, Jerry Gonzalez, Phil Grenadier, David Hardiman, Roy Hargrove, Tom Harrell, Eddie Henderson, Steve Hoffsteger, Freddie Hubbard, Mark Isham, Lee Katzman, Ryan Kisor, Cal Lewiston, Randy Masters, Blue Mitchell, Al Molina, Ed Neumeister, Bobbie Ojeda, Shinzo Ono, Nicholas Payton, Jeremy Pelt, Max Perkoff, Ed Polcer, Mike Price, Don Rader, Kenny Rampion, Bill Resch, Red Rodney, Shorty Rogers, Wallace Roney, Bill Saks, Rudy Salvini, George Sams, Chase Sanborn, Carl Saunders, Henry Scott, Jim Seeley, Woody Shaw, Jack Sheldon, Bobby Shew, Allen Smith, Clark Terry, Lee Thornberg, Rick Theurer, Jack Walruth, Peter Welker, Kenny Wheeler, Zane Woodsworth, John Worley, Snooky Young

John Carter, Vince Catolica, Roy Collins, Eddie Daniels, Kenny Davern, Paquito D’Rivera, Phil Howe, Noel Jewkes, Paul McCandless, Jim Rothermel, Marshall Royal, Allan Vache, Jim Walker

Buddy Collette, Viviana Guzman, Holly Hofman, Paul Horn, Herbie Mann, Roscoe Mitchell, James Moody, James Newton, Nika Rejto, Ali Ryerson, Kenny Stahl, Jeremy Steig, Lew Tabackin, Dave Valentin, Jim Walker, Frank Wess

Tom Coster, Joey DeFrancesco, Duke Jethro, Merl Saunders, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy Smith, Akiko Tsruruga, John Turk, Tony Monaco

Larry Blackshere, Gary Burton, John Cocuzzi, Jon Ericksen, Terry Gibbs, Jay Hoggart, Bobby Hutcherson, Milt Jackson, Joe Locke, Matt Luprie, Mike Mainieri, Don McCaslin, Buddy Montgomery, Jon Nagourney, Red Norvo, John Rae, Dave Samuels, Charlie Shoemake, Christian Tamburr, Cal Tjader

Billy Bang, John Blake, Charles Burnham, India Cooke, Eric Golub, Leroy Jenkins, Tommy Kesecker, Michal Urbaniak, Michael White,

Claudia Acuna, Lorez Alexandria, Mose Allison, Karrin Allyson, Ernestine Anderson, Doug Arrington, Margie Baker, Nicholas Bearde, Dee Bell, Brenda Boykin, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Charles Brown, Dori Caymmi, Faye Carol, Betty Carter, Chris Connor, Buddy Connor, Jamie Davis, Spencer Day, Blossom Dearie, Dena DeRose, Gail Dobson, Bob Dorough, Urszula Dudziak, Madeline Eastman, Lorraine Feather, Kelly Flint, Carol Fredette, Nnenna Freelon, Dave Frishberg, Kellye Gray, Yuko Hata, Bill Henderson, Jon Hendricks, Marigold Hill, Shirley Horn, Helen Humes, Frank Jackson, Etta James, Eddie Jefferson, Etta Jones, Sheila Jordan, Nancy King, Andy Kirshner, Jackie & Roy Kral, Irene Kral, Karen Krog, Barbara Lashley, Abbey Lincoln, Carmen Lundy, Tania Maria, Rene Marie, Bobby McFerrin, Carmen McRae, Barbara Morrison, Maria Muldaur, Mark Murphy, Chris Murrell, Kim Nalley, Morning Nicholes, Bobbie Norris, Anita O’Day, Denise Perrier, Rebecca Parris, Flora Purim, Nate Pruitt, Kenny Rankin, Vi Redd, Anne Ross, Jackie Ryan, Tessa Souter, Marlena Shaw, Jack Sheldon, Ben Sidran, Carol Sloane, Lavay Smith, Tessa Souter, Mary Stallings, Bob Steger, Tierney Sutton, Earl Thomas, Cami Thompson, Linda Tillery, Ramana Vieira, Claudia Villela, Roseanna Vitro, Maria Volonte, Walter, Kenny Washington, Carol Welsman, Paula West, Carla White, Wesla Whitfield, Spanky Wilson, Faith Winthrop, Cookie Wong, Pat Yankee,

Rex Allen, Akiyoshi/Tabackin, Count Basie, Bill Berry, Louie Bellson, Ray Brown, John Coppola/Chuck Travis, Duke Ellington, Full Faith & Credit, Bill Holman Band, Marcus Shelby Orchestra, Mingus Big Band, Oregon, Don Piestrup, Bill Sacks, Rudy Salvin , SF Jazz HS Allstars, Stan Kenton Alumni, Tokyo Union Jazz Orchestra, Studio Six, Mike Vax, Gerald Wilson

Tom Coster–Accordion, Franc D’Ambrosio–Broadway vocals, Eric Golub–Viola, David Grisman– Mandolin, Tommy Gumina–Accordion, Paul Hansen–Bassoon, Howard Johnson–Tuba, Scott Kinsey–Elec. Keyboards, Ali Akbar Khan–Sarod, Salar Nader–Tabla, Ray Pizzi–Bassoon, Christos Rafalides–Marimba, Badal Roy–Tabla, Bob Stewart–Tuba, Toots Thielemans– Harmonica, Art Van Damme–Accordion, Abdul Wadud–Cello, Peter Warren–Cello, Jayme Stone–Banjo