Live Stream Concerts

What is a Live stream concert?

How many tickets do I need for a live stream concert?

How to get a ticket for Live stream events?

When buying more than 1 ticket, how do my friends get their link?

What if I send a ticket to a Friend, and they are unable to attend?

Is there a member discount?

Should I save my purchase confirmation?

Do I need to print my tickets?

When will I get the link for a live stream concert?

How do I enter the live stream?

What should I expect on the day of a live stream concert?

What devices are recommended for live streaming?

What are the recommended browsers for live streaming?

What if I can’t get sound?

How does the chat work?

How can I get help?


Concert Day at the Bach

What is the schedule for a typical concert day?

What food is served?

Is food served at every concert?

What is the price of food?

What drinks are served?

Is there a food or drink minimum?

Is coffee available?

What about the Ebb Tide Café?

Could I bring my own food/drink?

Could we eat/drink in the concert room?

Should I bring my own chairs?

How could I buy a ticket on concert day?

Where could I park?

What about traffic?


My Account

Every patron has an account, which is linked to the email address that receives Bach emails. In the account, you’ll be able to see all your Tickets, Memberships, and Donations since June 30, 2020. Account sign-in is required prior to all ticket and membership purchases and recommended for donations. If this is your first time purchasing at the Bach since July 1, 2020, you’ll need to set a password. If you’ve never purchased from the Bach, please create an account.

Where is the account?

What information is stored in the account?

What about my credit card?

Who should save their credit card information?

What are the account credentials?

How would I set the password?

How would I log into the account?

Do I have to set a password?

Could I set the password later?

What if I change email addresses?

How could I get help?




How does Bach in-person ticketing work?

Where are the best seats?

How could I get help with online ticketing?

Could I just call the Bach for help?

Could we bring children/teens?

Where should we sit with children/teens?

I purchased tickets but cannot make it to the show – what are my options?



Annual membership donations provide vitally needed continuing support for our non-profit club; ticket revenues are not enough. The membership year runs from August 1-July 31. Benefits include Early Access ticketing (before the general public), premium seating based on level, ticketing operation fee waiver, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported live jazz at the world’s most unique venue. Membership donations are tax-deductible, consult your tax advisor. Membership donations are non-refundable. You can purchase a membership at https://bachddsoc.org/membership/.

The Bach contacts members via email for Early Access opportunities and Member event invitations.  Members are requested to remain subscribed to our email lists and add these addresses to their email address books: members@bachddsoc.org, customerservice@bachddsoc.org. When expecting an email that does not arrive, check your junk folders then email us at members@bachddsoc.org for a re-send, as needed.

How do I support the Bach with an annual membership?

Could I pay for the membership by check?

Why are some membership levels unavailable?

What is Concierge Ticketing?

What is Online Ticketing?

How could I save payment information for faster checkout later?

How could I waive the ticketing operation fees?

How does Early Access online ticketing work?

Could I purchase a membership during Early Access and still be able to participate?

Is there a discount for purchasing a membership mid-year? 

Are concert tickets included with the purchase of a membership?

Could members bring guests?

Are there purchase limits during All Access (after member Early Access)?

Is membership required to attend a concert at the Bach?