Live Stream Concerts

Bach live streaming is available for most concerts, which are scheduled on Sundays at 4:30pm. Musicians perform live at the Bach, and ticketed patrons view the concert via a link on one of their devices. Concerts typically run until 7:00pm.

Each ticket is unique to a single device.  A couple watching together on their smart TV or a large computer screen would require just 1 ticket. Couples watching separately on individual devices would require 2 tickets. Donations are always appreciated and help keep the music coming.

Click the ticketing link from the Bach website or email. If you see a seating map, look above that and click “General Seating.” Select the number of passes you’ll need. At some point you’ll be prompted to sign into your account; ID is your email address and password is whatever you set. Click “I don’t know my password” to set or reset your password. Save your credit card for faster checkout in the future. Verify your personal information and complete your purchase. Check to see if you’ve received an email confirmation and save it until the show. As always, that confirmation is generated as your order is completed.  (Check spam folders if you don’t receive the confirmation in your inbox.) Email customerservice@bachddsoc.org with any questions.

There are a few options here. One option is to enter your friend’s name and email address at the end of the purchase. Another option is to “Send to Friend” from the confirmation.  This could be done at any time, however be aware that once accepted by the friend, that ticket is locked.  We suggest setting a reminder to “Send to Friend” on the morning of the performance.  That way, it’s more certain that the friend will attend.  Also, if the transfer is completed that morning, the friend will receive our Tips and Reminders email with a personal link.

Once sent to a friend, the ticket is locked and may not be sent to another person.  At that point, the only option would be to forward your entire ticket confirmation to a new friend. Ensure that the new friend clicks the link that was assigned to your first friend.  When 2 people click the same link, only the 1st clicker gets in.

Yes! Through December, 2021 members may claim 1-2 complimentary live stream passes for each event. Enter your Membership/Subscription code in the box, and the ticket price should adjust to $0. (Members who wish to support the Bach may pay full price by NOT entering the Membership/Subscription code.) Email members@bachddsoc.org with any questions.

Yes! As with the in-person events, Concierge ticketing will be offered to Jazz Masters and Jazz Devotees.  Watch for an email invitation during concert week, typically on Monday. Complete the request form and submit. After entering a Concierge request, look for a copy of the request via email; that confirms that your request was received.  Look for the purchase confirmation with e-ticket(s) on Friday-Sunday, depending on when the request was received. IMPORTANT: Do not enter a Concierge request and also purchase tickets online. This may result in duplicate tickets, which would be non-refundable.

Yes! As with live events, your e-tickets are contained in your purchase confirmation. Save all confirmations until the event is over. If misplaced, confirmations may be retrieved from your member account.

For a live streamed event, no printing is required.

The link is contained in your purchase confirmation; the Bach does not send a separate link. However, we will send a Tips and Reminders email on the afternoon of the show. There will be another personal link inside that email. If you have sent any of your tickets to friends, they will also receive that Tips and Reminders email with their own personal link.

Open your confirmation email. Click View Tickets and then click WATCH VIDEO. Each link is unique for a single device.  Start from the device on which you’ll watch the concert; you will not be able to switch to a new device after the stream begins. Or, click in from the Tips and Reminders email.

Watch for the Tips and Reminders email 1-2 hours before the show. That email will contain a reminder about the show, tips for best concert experience, and a personal link in the event that your confirmation has been misplaced. We recommend rebooting your system just before a live stream, to clear your cache, cookies, and anything else that may interfere with the streaming experience. When you click in before the stream starts, you will see a picture of the artist(s). Once the stream begins, that picture will convert to a video.  (If you see a still picture with 4 rotating dots in the center, refresh your browser.) Streams typically start at 4:15pm for the 4:30pm show. It may be a few minutes later, don’t panic. Join the stream before 4:30pm to check your system and sound.

Many patrons enjoy the concert on their Smart TV, connected to their sound system. Two possible TV options are to start from a browser on your TV or from a laptop connected to the Smart TV with an HDMI cable. Casting from an iPad is not recommended at this time, as it may not be possible to achieve full screen mode. Concerts may also be enjoyed from a desktop or laptop computer, an iPad, tablet, or even a smart phone.

Apple: Safari
Windows: Edge or Chrome
Android: Chrome

Ensure that your system has the sound turned on (not muted). On a computer, hover over the lower right corner of the video. Look for the volume bars. Slide until some of the bars are red (all gray=no sound).  On mobile devices, it may be a matter of clicking the bell to unmute.

When joining the chat, type your name in the left box and your message in the bigger box on the right.  Connect with other viewers, comment, and/or request help.

Ask in the chat (be sure to include your name) or email customerservice@bachddsoc.org


Concert Day at the Bach

2:00 Upper deck opens for concert attendees

3:30 Venue opens (Bar, Catering, Concert room)

4:30 Music begins (2 sets with Intermission)
7:00 Music ends (approximate)

Our caterer offers meals and a la carte items (including vegetarian option), a deluxe snack box (includes cheeses, crackers, fruit, and other goodies), and a dessert (often artisan brownies). The menu will be in the reminder email sent on Sunday morning. Service begins at 3:30 and continues through Intermission.

Catering is offered for most concerts, but may be suspended occasionally for various reasons.

Food is a separate offering and not included in the price of your concert ticket. Pricing varies, cash only.

Our bartender offers wine by the glass, beer, water, and other soft drinks.  Service begins at 3:30 and continues through Intermission.  Pricing varies, cash only.  The bartender may serve only to concert attendees and looks for wristbands.  Please check in for the concert prior to visiting the bar.


Not at this time. Patrons are welcome to bring their own.

The Ebb Tide Café is no longer operating in the Douglas Beach House.

Yes! The Bach welcomes personal sized coolers and bags.  Please yield inside tables to patrons who support our vendors. Outdoor options are available both upstairs and at street level to enjoy your picnic.

The Bach provides tables and lounge areas outside the concert room to enjoy your food and beverages.  We do permit water or a glass of wine while enjoying the concert. No food inside the concert room.

No. Our common spaces cannot accommodate extra chairs. We must leave walk paths clear for the safety of all. 

No same day sales at this time. Please plan ahead; advance online ticket sales close at midnight on Saturday.

There is a small lot behind the venue. When that fills, use street parking in the neighborhood. Please observe all signs and do not block any neighbor’s driveway. There is no charge to park.

Traffic varies throughout the year, depending on special events, weather, and accidents/road closures. Check your traffic apps and allow plenty of time for unexpected delays and parking.  We always recommend arriving on the coast earlier in the day to ensure that you’ll be parked and seated by 4:25pm. Late arrivals will be asked to wait in our lobby/solarium area until there’s a break in the music.


My Account

The Bach ticketing system is hosted by VBO Tickets. Each patron has an account, which is linked to the email address that receives Bach emails. In the account, you’ll be able to see all your Tickets, Memberships, and Donations since June 30, 2020. Account sign-in is required prior to all ticket and membership purchases and recommended for donations. If this is your first time purchasing at the Bach since July 1, 2020, you’ll need to set a password. If you’ve never purchased from the Bach, please create an account.

Your patron account exists on our ticketing platform, hosted by VBO Tickets. 

We store your name, address, email, and telephone number. A 2nd name and email address may be added, on request. The account contains all your purchases, including Memberships, Tickets, and Donations. Save all emailed membership and donation confirmations for your tax records.

We recommend saving your payment information for faster checkout in the future.  Note, this credit card information is NOT stored on Bach or VBO servers.  If you choose to save your card information, our payment processor would reference your most recent transaction and use that same card. If that card is no longer valid, you would be prompted to enter a current card. For added security, the CVV from the back of your card is now required. 

Members using Concierge ticketing are required to save a card in their account, and they must update their card when the expiration date passes or they change cards. Anyone wanting faster checkout should save their card.  And members or patrons who might need staff support with purchases are advised to save their card as well.  That way, staff could charge the cart on file without requesting your credit card information via email.

The ID is your email address; the PW is whatever password you set.  Note that if a 2nd person and 2nd email have been added to the account, that 2nd email is NOT a valid credential.  Only the primary email is recognized to sign into the account.

Click into the system from the Bach website banner or via an emailed link. Click “I don’t know my password.” You’ll be prompted for your email address. If you have multiple email addresses, enter the address at which you receive Bach emails, then go to that email inbox. Click the link inside to set the password. If you ever forget your password, you may reset it anytime by following the steps above.

Log in with your email address and the password you set. Remember, a 2nd email address would not be a valid credential, it must be the primary email address.

You’ll need to set a password prior to purchasing a Membership or Tickets. Signing into your account is the best way to view your purchases and manage your tickets and saves time down the road.

Yes, you could wait until just prior to your first purchase.

Contact us for assistance. We could edit your account.

Email customerservice@bachddsoc.org. We could answer any questions and/or generate the password link for you.




All seating is reserved and advance purchase only. Patrons select their seats and purchase online; purchase early for best seat selection. Advance ticketing is available until 24 hours before the show (Saturday at 4:30pm). Phone sales are not available at this time. Same day tickets are not available at this time – no sales at the door.

Same day tickets are not offered at this time. Please plan ahead. 

The Bach provides an intimate venue, which offers an excellent concert experience from any seat.  That said, personal preferences come into play.  Some like to be up close, others find it more enjoyable to sit a few rows back. Most of our seats are chairs. However, check the seat notes.  Seating for the bar and last row of the main floor is on barstools (no backs). There are 2 tables in the West concert room solarium area, near the windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  When purchasing fewer than 3 seats at a table, others will share the table. Most mezzanine seats are carpeted benches.  Stadium chairs with backs are available to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis.  Alternatively, you may bring your own stadium chair or cushion.

If you’re unable to ticket online, email us at customerservice@bachddsoc.org. Include your name, request, any seating preference, and payment information including expiration date and CVV. Better yet, sign into your account and scroll down to add your credit card.

In order to minimize our operating costs and keep the music coming, we are unable to provide phone service hours at this time. Email is the best way to provide us with your ticketing request. If you must speak by phone, leave a call back number with available times.

Not at this time.

Yes, and we offer student pricing for ages 25 and under. At this time, we can only accommodate fully vaccinated children ages 12 and up (final dose at least 15 days prior to the event)

Please choose your seating location carefully to respect the concert experience for all. We recommend the bench seating in the Mezzanine. The main concert floor may be suitable for attentive teens but is not be appropriate for pre-teens or younger children. Adults bringing young children should sit near an exit, either in the rear Mezzanine area or in the West room (back row or solarium). Exit the concert room when the children become restless. Live stage music is streamed into the living room area so adults could still enjoy the show while supervising the children. 

Exchanges: Members may exchange with a minimum 48 hour notice, limits apply. Email members@bachddsoc.org to request an exchange to account credit. 

Donations: Any patron may donate tickets with a minimum 24 hour notice.  Email customerservice@bachddsoc.org to donate. Your revised confirmation is your receipt for tax purposes. While we cannot promise to process a donation with less notice, we do appreciate a notification so that we could make the seats available to another patron. 

Sharing: Any patron may give or sell their tickets to a friend. To ensure that we have your friend(s) on our door list, please email us at customerservice@bachddsoc.org with a minimum 24 hour notice. No selling tickets on the premises. 

Streaming: If we are live streaming that concert from the Bach, you may request us to convert your ticket(s) to streaming passes. Must request by Saturday 4:30pm prior to concert on Sunday to guarantee live stream passes. May request later but we may not be able to accommodate. You would receive a secure link to view the concert.

Refunds: All sales are final. For rescheduled concerts, tickets would be honored on the new date. For concerts cancelled due to COVID-19, tickets would be converted to a donation. In the rare event that we’d refund tickets, $5 per ticket would be retained to help cover our costs.



Annual membership donations provide vitally needed continuing support for our non-profit club; ticket revenues are not enough. The membership year runs from August 1-July 31. Benefits include Early Access ticketing (before the general public), premium seating based on level, ticketing operation fee waiver, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported live jazz at the world’s most unique venue. Through December, 2021 we are also offering up to 2 live stream passes to most concerts. Membership donations are fully tax-deductible, consult your tax advisor. Membership donations are non-refundable.

The Bach contacts members via email for Early Access opportunities and Member event invitations.  Members are requested to remain subscribed to our email lists and add these addresses to their email address books: members@bachddsoc.org, customerservice@bachddsoc.org. When expecting an email that does not arrive, check your junk folders then email us at members@bachddsoc.org for a re-send, as needed.

Join the Bach from our website with a credit card. Patrons must sign into their account with email and password prior to purchase. Click “I don’t know my password” to set or reset your password. If you see a box with Membership/Subscription number and APPLY, ignore that during membership purchase. Enter your credit card date as MM/YY and be sure to check the box “I Agree to the Terms & Conditions” in the lower left.

Yes! Send a personal check or direct a check from your IRA or charitable trust. Please enclose a note and/or email members@bachddsoc.org with your intent, and we will process your membership once the check is received. Checks are normally processed within 2 weeks; allow a longer timeframe during vacation and holiday periods between concert series. Mail to: Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society, PO Box 302, El Granada, 94018.

Higher membership level(s) have capacity constraints, and may be available only for renewals by members currently at that level. 

Concierge ticketing is available at the Master and Devotee levels. Concierge members may submit a Profile form to indicate their seating preferences, or take their chances with our selections. Concierge members are required to save a valid credit card in their account. Watch for an email during the week prior to each Early Access window and submit your ticket request promptly. Based on these requests, Bach staff assigns seats and runs ticket orders through back office. For best seating, meet all Early Access Concierge dates. At other times, requests are accepted via email and ticketed as soon as possible once received.

Members purchase from our website using a credit card. When signed into your account, most of your information will already be populated. There is also an option to save your credit card information for future purchases. That information would be saved on the secure payment gateway, not on the Bach or ticketing company servers.

Check the box during online ticketing to save your payment information. Payment information would be encoded on the secure payment gateway, not on the Bach or ticketing company servers. After an initial purchase, subsequent purchases would be charged to the most recent card used. Alternatively, sign into your account and scroll down to add a card without making a purchase.

Just below your order total, locate the box outlined in red below the words “Enter Code.” Enter your Membership/Subscription code in the box and click APPLY. Note that the Membership/Subscription code is 6 numbers followed by 4 letters. It is listed on your membership purchase confirmation. If that email confirmation is not handy, sign into your account to look it up. The ticketing operation fees would be deducted for the first 4 tickets purchased to each concert.

Active members would receive an email notification just before the Early Access sale with complete instructions. Once the Member Early Access begins, find your concert, click BUY NOW, and look for “ENTER MEMBERSHIP CODE.” That will be near the top, directly below the shopping cart icon. If you do not receive that instruction email, check your spam folders and then email us at members@bachddsoc.org.

Yes! Once you’ve purchased the membership, locate your Membership code and follow the directions above. If you need help, email us at at members@bachddsoc.org.

Your membership donation provides vital annual support for the Bach. The membership year runs from August 1 to July 31 of the following year. We recommend purchasing early for best value, since the price is fixed for the full year.

Bach memberships do not include concert tickets.  Tickets may be purchased via Concierge ticketing (Masters and Devotees) or from our website online (All). For best seating, purchase at the earliest opportunity.

Absolutely! During Early Access, members may purchase 2 tickets to every concert.  Up to 2 additional guest tickets per concert may also be purchased during Early Access. Guest ticket limits apply, see the membership program for details. 

Members (and all others) may purchase unlimited tickets during All Access.  Tickets purchased during All Access may not be adjacent to the Early Access tickets. Management reserves the right to limit purchases to select concerts.

Most Bach concerts are open to the public.  Membership support is greatly appreciated and helps keep the music coming, but is not generally required.