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Pete DouglasJuly 1, 2009

What Did I Accomplish?

I want to thank again all the members and others who have made extra donations toward our efforts over the years. Your contribution to our mission of presenting quality music is very much needed and appreciated.

I was recently asked, “What did you really accomplish as founder of the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society.” Certainly I enjoyed securing and enjoying all the great talent and artistry that has performed here. However, these same musicians could be heard in many places throughout the world. They didn’t necessarily need our gig or small money.

Our real success at Bach was developing a small venue (200 seats) that has a special ambience. Perhaps it’s the location by the sea, its excellent acoustics, or the intimacy that both the musicians and audiences feel being together making and experiencing music.

Though no venue has perfect conditions for presenting live music, I feel we’ve come as close to the ideal as possible. I know with satisfaction, that with the help of so many others, we’ve developed a great space for music making. I only wish more people could hear the unsolicited joy and compliments we have received from musicians who have performed here and worldwide. A good venue can be as important to music as the musicians performing in it. Furthermore, few small venues have featured such a variety of music styles -- not just Jazz in its 110 years of evolution and the Great American Songbook, but also World music in its many expressions.

The adventure continues. Please join us.

Yours, Pete Douglas

February 2009

Join me in my musical adventure by the sea.

How is it possible that the Douglas Beach House is now going on its 45th year presenting an incredible variety of Jazz, Classical and World Music? Can a very personal nonprofit venue continue in this fast-changing world – a world of changing tastes, economies and global communication between cultures and their people?

A difficult question. However, what doesn’t change is my basic need for musical activity – a need to continue seeking and presenting “live” the finest musicianship and artistry from the emerging generation. Tastes may change, but musicianship and intelligence will continue expressing the full emotional range of our humanity.

As for myself, I’m in good health – still dancing and rollerskating and expect to carry on here for at least five more years. Meanwhile, we are seeking ways to continue the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society past my time.

We ask that you continue your attendance and financial support. Come when you have the time. But don’t limit your attendance to only music or musicians you’re familiar with. TRUST THE HOUSE. Discover talent you are not yet aware of. Know why musicians who tour the world claim the Bach is their favorite small (for that matter large) venue to perform in.

Join me in my musical adventure by the sea.

Pete Douglas

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