Published Articles

"Hidden Gems: Half Moon Bay's Legendary Jazz Spot That Started in a Living Room" June 22, 2018, KQED News, by Ryan Levi (Print friendly version)

"The Bach's Beach Vision Of Jazz Heaven" June 17, 2018, All About Jazz, By Arthur R George (Print friendly version)

"Bach guests shaken and stirred" July 12, 2016, Half Moon Bay Review, By Sarah Griego Guz (Print firendly version)

Bach Society and Interviews with Pete Douglas

"Bach Dynamite Society: Peninsula’s Hidden Pearl Where the Beat Goes On" June 2013, Chronicle article by Mark Nelson

"Pete Douglas: 45 Years of Jazz & Dynamite" by vocalist, Alexa Weber Morales,, April 25, 2009

"Bach Keeps Dancing" Jerry Karp for the SF Chronicle, 9/25/05

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society hosts jazz, John Flinn, Chronicle Staff Writer
June 1, 2008 (Print friendly version)

ALL THAT JAZZ "Coastside promoter marks 50 years in music", By Julia Scott, Staff Writer Feb 2008

"Bach to the Future" Coastside Venue Blends Funky and Famous in a Storied Past", text by Stacy Trevenon, Half Moon Bay Review Magazine December 2007

"Jazz on the Rocks" Coastal Living Magazine Jan-Feb 2007, text by Diana Reynolds Roome

"Gotta love these venues" By Jim Harrington - Staff Writer
May 2006

"Dynamite on the Beach" A One on One Interview with Pete Douglas, Founder & Concert Manager" Diana Fox, interviewer, for ARIES COMMUNICATION GROUP LLC, August, 2002


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