Door Assistant Manager

Door Assistant Manager

Job Description

Seeking an individual experienced with working the front door of a theater, music venue or similar. Primary duties on day of the concert include patron check-in and ticket sales, patron services and coordination of personnel/volunteers and front office equipment. Must work Sundays from ~ 2pm-8pm. Optional-More responsibilities, including marketing, social media and administrative duties could be added if desired which would be done remotely at home.

About Employer:
This historical Jazz Club is located in Half Moon Bay and has presented world class jazz, classical and world music for over 50 years on Sunday afternoons. It is a non-profit organization.

Job Description Detail:

Door Assistant Manager

  • Primary responsibilities include:
    • Patron check-in, will call and the sale of tickets at the door.
    • Manage comps, seat exchanges and all non-standard transactions and ensure all patrons are seated satisfactorily, efficiently and logically.
    • Ensure all Door Procedures are followed.
    • Ensure all equipment including Ipads, Iphones, lap top and related software is operational before doors open.
    • Manage CD sales.
    • Reconcile ticket sales, cash and CD sales at end of concert.
    • Prepare deposit.
    • Manage volunteers to help in the above duties
  • Work with Manager to ensure all volunteers are properly assigned to their roles and manage them on the day of concert.
  • Assist with Member and Fundraising events (potentially extra hours)
  • Assist in other areas as necessary and as time allows.

Marketing: (Optional for extra hours)

  • Assist with creating copy for website and mailing materials.
  • Communicate with media to inform them of each new series.
  • Update various websites with new season programs including Facebook, KCSM Datebook, All About Jazz, HMB Review, Spin go.
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  • Social Media-Post schedule to Facebook (Twitter and Instagram and others as appropriate) a couple of times a week including upcoming concerts and photos from prior week.
  • Post and deliver the Post Cards/Flyers outside, to various local businesses and around town.

Skills and Experience Required:
Candidate must have at least 3 years of related experience. Must have excellent computer skills and be comfortable with Ipad, Iphone, and laptod computers. Must be familiar with Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Social Media. Experience with Paypal and a ticketing software such as VBO preferred. Great communications skills. Must be able to lift 30 lbs.

How to Apply
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