Musical Memorials for Pete Douglas will perform at the Bach on October 4-5, 2014.

Musicians Tribute to Pete Douglas

More than 50 musicians rotate through 30 minute sets in memory of 50 years of music presented by Pete Douglas at the Douglas Beach House. 

Mr. Douglas, who passed away on July 12th this year, will be remembered for his dedication to providing a place for music of the highest quality -- mostly jazz, but also classical and world. It is commonly recognized in the musician community that the environment he created inspired them to fulfill his wish for an inspiring performance, full of creativity and fire.

As booker Reggie Marshall, put it:  Pete was a passionate advocate that music is best experienced in intimate, informal settings. He created such a warm and welcoming vibe for the musicians.

Pete Douglas   Pete Douglas

Photographer: Peter Buranzon - Click to enlarge photos

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th - Performances from 1:00 - 7:00 PM


1:00 Eddie Gale (T) & Friends
1:35 Classical: Mack McCray (piano), Richard Patterson (guitar), Stevan Pasero (guitar)
2:10 Keith Williams (P), Perry Thoorsell (B), Jerry Pannone (D), Duncan James (G), Fred Ross (V)
2:35 Keith Williams (P), Perry Thoorsell (B), Jerry Pannone (D), Mike O'Neill (S), Mike Gallisatus (T)
3:05-3:45 BREAK
3:50 Keith Williams (P), Jeff Chambers (B), Akira Tana (D), Michael O'Neill (S), Jackie Ryan (V)
4:15 Keith Williams (P), Jeff Chambers (B), Akira Tana (D), Duncan James (G), Pat Britt (S)
4:50 Ken French (P), Chuck Bennett (B), Jerry Pannone (D), Mike O'Neill (S), Clairdee (V)
5:10 - 5:25 BREAK
5:30 Si Perkoff (P), Chuck Bennett (B), Jerry Pannone (D), Ed Reed (V)
5:55 Mitch Forman (P), Chuck Bennett (B), Akira Tana (D), Roger Glenn (S)
6:30 Si Perkoff (P), Jerry Pannone (D), Dean Reilly (B), Mike O'Neill (S), Rex Allen (T)


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5th - Performances from 1:00 - 7:00 PM


12:00 PARADE: Mission Gold Dixieland Jazzband
1:00 Dick Fregulia (P), Steve Webber (B), Olaf Schiappacasse (D), Kim Nalley (V)
1:30 - 2:00 Pete Escovedo Band
2:00 Neil Adler (P), Ken Plourde (B), Olaf Schiappacasse (D)
2:25 Nancy Gilliland (PV), Ken Plourde (B), Olaf Schiappacasse (D)
2:50 Bob Applebaum (P), Ken Plourde (B), Jim Chanteloupe (D), George Cole (G, V), Cookie Wong (V)
3:15 Bob Applebaum (P), Jerry Pannone (D), Dawan Muhammad (S), Nicholas Bearde (V)
3:35-4:25 BREAK
4:30 Bob Brumbeloe (G), Dan Prell (B), Jerry Pannone (D), Jeff Sanford (S), Max Perkoff (T)
5:05 Larry Dunlap (P), Jeff Chambers (B), Akira Tana (D), Mike O'Neill (S), Bobbie Norris (V)
5:30 Dick Conte (P), Marcus Shelby (B), Akira Tana (D), Jeff Sanford (S)
6:00 - 6:20 BREAK
6:25 Larry Dunlap (P), Marcus Shelby (B), Akira Tana (D), John Santos (per), Mike ONeill (S), Al Molina (T)



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