Joel Harrison & Spirit House, featuring Brian Blade last performed at the Bach on April 7, 2013.

 Brian Blade

Guitarist, composer, arranger, vocalist, songwriter and 2010 Guggenheim Fellow JOEL HARRISON sees no reason to sort his music into jazz, classical, or any such divisions. “Ultimately you’re just trying to arrive at great music”. Spirit House will mostly perform Harrison's compositions, with additional pieces by Blade and Vu. "This is a dream group of mine, consisting of some of the most original, singular instrumentalists in modern Jazz."  Expect some musical magic.

BRIAN BLADE is one of the most acclaimed drummers of his generation. His bio includes luminaries such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, and Joni Mitchell. 

PAUL HANSON is considered the greatest improviser on the electric bassoon in the world, combining passionate melody, astounding technique, and electronics into a uniquely powerful package.

Trumpeter CUONG VU has much experience with guitarists, having been a member of Pat Metheny's band, and a collaborator with Bill Frisell. He recently recorded with Harrison on the cd Holy Abyss (Cuneiform), and critics noted how well his sound wrapped around Harrison's sinuous guitar lines. 

KERMIT DRISOLL, bassist in countless acclaimed bands, including Harrison's new 19 piece jazz orchestra recording, "gets directly to the essence of the music, no matter what the style or level of difficulty." 

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