Frank Tusa last performed at the Bach on August 11, 2013.

Remembering Chet Baker

Frank Tusa - bass, Vince Lateano - drums, Keith Saunders - piano, Warren Gale - trumpet.

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Bay Area veteran players perform a special concert  in memory of the great Chet Baker and all the wonderful jazz melodies he created on trumpet and voice.  Chet’s big break came, when, in 1952, he was chosen at an audition to play with Charlie Parker (Bird), making his debut at the Tiffany Club in Los Angeles. Chet's turbulent life came to a bizarre and tragic end on May 13, 1988 in Amsterdam. He fell from the open window of his hotel room, hitting the concrete two stories below.  Frank Tusa, Vince Lateano and Al Plank recorded live with Chet Baker at the Great America Music Hall, San Francisco in 1982.  Frank had recorded and toured extensively with Chet in Europe in several different musical settings. We dedicate this music to Chet wherever you are. 

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